AP is one of the important state in the country

Sri Nitin Jairam Gadkari, Hon'ble Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India

Vishakhapatnam, March 03, 2023: First of all it's a great pleasure for me to interact with you regarding development in AP. The AP is one of the important state in the country and the mission for government is to make India Atma Nirbhar Bharat. The most important thing is the dream of PM to make Indian economy to 5 trillion dollar and that is only possible with the development of the state the basic mission behind this spirit which we have that Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas Sabka Prayas and anywhere the most important thing is we need industry without industry we don't have capital investment without Industry and capital investment we cannot create employment potential and without employment potential we can eradicate poverty and the most important thing in the growth that is we need to create an employment potential and without that we cannot eradicate the poverty. I feel that from the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA under the leadership of PM MODI JI we have full support for the development of AP that is exactly what I want to convey to you. The most important thing with AP is they are got 975KM of sea level which is available and already the 6 ports with the cargo handling capacity of 240 million matric ton is already there 4 new ports under development and state has 3 ports led carry docs at same time today I'm going to declare that all the port either it is Major port, state port, private port my ministry has decided to connect the port with the 4 lane National Highway which is very important and we have taken that task  for that reason we are also aware there are 3 port led industrial carrydocs one is vishakapatnam Chennai we had already decided to multi model logistic park on that road the Chennai Bengaluru industrial carrydocs, Hyderabad banglore industrial carrydocs in anantapur we have already plan for multi model logistic park.  The road infrastructure in AP is very important I always telling to the people about the famous statement of American president John Ethcanady that American roads are not good because America is rich but American is rich because Americans roads are good. The total road network in AP in 134280 KM 
The National Highway length before 2014 was 4193KM when PM Modi ji under his leadership at 2014 I have taken as a charge of as minister the NH length of AP is increased by 109% and now it is 8745KM. 
We are making green field expressway which are very important for industrial development without that no one is going to invest. the total number of green field expressway 5 numbers we are going to develope and total Greenfield length is 662 KM and we are spending 30 thousand crores on that. The green field expressway the important highway is very important because when I was shipping minister there was a lot of problems with the railway as per the transport of goods from AP to Vishakapatnam to Raipur in Chattisgarh and that is really a bottle neck that why we have decided at the time to construct Raipur vishakapatnam expressway corridor and this is very important. presently we have already started our  before end of 2024 we are going to complete this work and then Vishakhapatnam to Raipur will be only with 5½ hours will be completed by the car for truck it will take 8-9 hours presently lot of bottle necks are there but is is going to be replated to Chhattisgarh and Chhattisgarh mineral rich state and regarding export and import activities this corridor is very important.

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