AP logs in to online education


Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh government has taken to online platforms to impart education in the times of COVID 19 and academics have braced up to the new medium with eager and enthusiasm with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy directing the officials to log into online courses.

The State has been conducting virtual classes using the Skype, Cisco, Teamlink, Google Meet and Microsoft Team to conduct on line classes. 

In the times of lockdown, over 24,000 students and 933 teachers are taking part in the online classes. Those who have no reach to online facility, lectures on various subjects are uploaded on YouTube and the links are being shared to enable the students to get the benefit. Lecture notes are also being shared thought WhatsApp and e-mail.   

Presently, 5979 classes have been organized covering various streams such as B. Tech, M. Tech, BA, MA, MCA, MBA and other disciplines. Efforts are on to complete pending syllabus and engage students productively during this time of lockdown.

At a higher level, Universities are encouraging students to enroll for free online courses from platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc and utilize resources like MOOC, SWAYAM, and NPTL too.

For school education, Doordarshan lessons are being conducted for tenth class students, daily two hours morning and evening Radio lessons broadcasted daily

State self-learning app named Abhyasa is loaded with Tenth class subject videos pooled from Dhiksha and objective type question papers were also posted for practise.

The Government plans to create WhatsApp group at every school which will include Teachers and tenth class students.

Important practice questions will be posted daily on the TV/Radio lessons in these WhatsApp groups, where students can answer at their home and send photos of the answer sheet which can be evaluated and feedback will be given.

Webinar and pre recorded videos in SCERT YouTube channel on questions and answers, discussion and keywords for each and every important topic will be available.

On the same lines, for all the lower classes during June and July, online classes will be telecast, broadcast and also will be posted in WatsApp groups.

For teachers

Because of the new curriculum of the State, webinar series is organised from May 4, for all teachers and daily self assessment tests and notes are shared. 

Counseling sessions are being provided by some universities with the support of their Psychology Department to cater to the needs of the students and the society at large during these times to beat fatigue, despair and monotony. Phone numbers for the counseling are posted on the University website. As of now, Sri Padmavati Mahila Vishvavidalayam, Adikavi Nannaya and Yogi Vemana University are offering counseling.

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