YSRCP's Fight For Special Category Status

  • YSRCP’s relentless
    struggle for special status
  • Movement against union
    and state Governments
  • Fight on behalf of
    people for 2.5 years
  • Dharnas, rastha rokos,
    deekshas, bandhs and protests
  • Indefinite strikes and
    Yuvabheri meetings

YSRCP has been
performing numerous struggles since 2.5 years for the benefit of people of AP.
It is always a step forward in fighting uncompromisingly against the
anti-people Government that is trying to set aside the importance of special
category status that is the wonder drug for the state’s development. It has
raised slogans in support of the sanction of the state and performed agitations
in Delhi as well as in the state. It mobilized people through programmes like

YS Jagan’s army took
people’s wish in various forms to the notice of the union and the state
Governments. It conducted dharnas, rastha rokos, hunger strikes and protests.
While ruling TDP was dormant regarding the realization of bifurcation-time
promises, YS Jagan raised his voice as a reasponsible leader of opposition. He
proclaimed that special category status was the only way for achieving
development of AP that lost so much due to irregular bifurcation. He moved
forward with valour even after the CM ridiculed if special status was some kind
of a wonder drug. Babu also plotted a lot of conspiracies in order to hinder
the popularity being gained by YSRCP. Still none of them could stop the
dedication of YS Jagan for the cause.

YS Jagan led a dharna
at Jantar Mantar of New Delhi along with YSRCP MLAs, MLCs and MPs on the 10th
of August in 2015. He thus proclaimed the wish of the people of the state at national
level. On the same day, they performed ‘march to the parliament’ and were
arrested on the streets of Delhi. With the slogan “Special status is the right
of people of AP”, AP bandh was successfully held on the 29th of

Disturbance to deeksha
after seven days

The suicide of
Munikoti, a person in Tirupati, for the sake of special category status had
shaken the whole state. Three more persons committed suicide later. After consoling
their families, YS Jagan decided to personally set down for hunger strike in
order to bring pressure on the Government. YS Jagan conducted Yuvabheri
meetings at Tirupati on the 25th of September in 2015, at
Visakhapatnam on the 22nd of September in 2015 with students of
universities and the youth in general in order to mobilise them in the matter
of special category status. He staged indefinite hunger strike in Guntur
district on the 7th of October. In light of tremendous response from
people to these efforts, the Government posed hindrance to the strike after
seven days. YS Jagan continued to hold Yuvabheri meetings even after that. The
programme was held at Kakinada on the 27th of January in 2016 and at
Srikakulam on the 2nd of February.

Meeting with cabinet

Even before Narendra
Modi took charge as the PM of India, on the 19th of May in 2014, YS
Jagan took with him his party’s MPs and appealed for AP’s special category
status. In March 2015, he again went with the MPs to Delhi and met the PM and
reminded the need for the status. On the 9th of June in 2016, he met
the president of India in Delhi and discussed the importance of the status for
AP. In February, March and June months of 2015, they met certain cabinet
ministers in Delhi. They met finance minister Arun Jaitley and home minister
Rajnath Singh and requested for realization of pending promises mentioned in
the reorganization act and sanction of funds deserved by AP.

AP needs 20 years of
special category status

After elections YSR Congress
Parliamentary Party leader Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, while speaking during the
resolution of thanks to the president, opined that AP should be given 20 years
of special category status. In May 2015, during parliament sessions, all the YSRCP
MPs protested near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the parliament. On the 3rd
and the 4th of June in 2015, YS Jagan did a 2-day deeksha in
Mangalagiri and demanded for the status. Since then YS Jagan and his army have
been mentioning and demanding for the sanction of the status whenever and
wherever possible, bringing pressure on the state Government. On the 23rd
and the 24th of February in 2016, YS Jagan went to New Delhi and met
the president and the cabinet home minister to remind the need of the status
for AP. He submitted memoranda to them in this regard.

Support to Private Bill

When finance minister of
the state, Jayanth Sinha declared that giving AP its special category status
was not possible, YSRCP decided to bring pressure on the union and the state
Governments. On the 10th of May, dharnas were conducted throughout
the state in front of collectorates. On the 21st of July in 2016, when
MP KVP Ramachandra Rao introduced private member bill in Rajya Sabha, YSRCP
expressed its solidarity. On the 23rd of July, YSRCP MP YV
Subbareddy proposed a private member bill in Lok Sabha seeking the sanction of
special category status. Protesting against finance minister Arun Jaitley’s
announcement that the status could not be sanctioned, YS Jagan called for state
bandh on the 2nd of August.


is continuing its relentless struggle to achieve the special category status
that is the wonder drug for the development of AP.

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