YSRCP’s 20-question open letter to Naidu, CM

June 20, 2013: Taking the battle to the backyards of the TDP Chief Chandrababu
Naidu and CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, YSR Congress Party on Thursday dashed off open
letters to both of them seeking answers to 20 questions on their political

its letter to Naidu, the party asked him to explain why he has been supporting
the Kiran Kumar Reddy-led Congress Government in view of the fact that he moved
no-confidence motion against the YSR-led Congress Government once.

have repeatedly charged in your Padayatra, Mahanadu and media conferences that
CM and his brothers have been resorting to corruption. In such a case, why did
you support his Government by issuing whip to your MLAs during the no-trust
vote? Why didn’t you complain to CBI and other investigating agencies on their
corruption?” the open letter asked.

party also asked Naidu to explain what eligibility he saw in Kiran Kumar to be
the CM when he opposed him as the Speaker during the YSR regime.

are you not demanding immediate elections to the local bodies and by-polls in
constituencies where the MLAs were disqualified?” it asked Naidu. “What is the
fear that has been hunting you in seeking elections to the local bodies in the
order of Municipalities, Mandals, Zilla Parishats and Village Panchayats?”

letter, which was released by the YSRCP head quarters, asked Naidu to reply why
he has been maintaining stoic silence over the CM and PCC chief buying and
maintaining TV channels when he raised a hue and cry over the news paper and TV
channel launched by YSRCP chief Sri. Y. S. 
Jagan Mohan Reddy. “Why don’t you respond to the statement made by the
CM describing you as his walking friend?”

Open letter to CM
Kiran Kumar Reddy

the open letter addressed to CM, the party asked him to explain why he had not
ordered a probe into the land allotments made by Chandrababu Naidu as CM to the
IMG Bharata if the Congress had not entered into a political fixing with the

you were the Chief Whip, you demanded a probe into the IMG land allotments. As
CM, you said on Oct 9 last at Addanki that the IMG land allotments should be
probed. Knowing full well that Naidu had resorted to illegalities in the land
allotments, why didn’t you order probe even though you are the CM? Why did you
suspend the YSRCP MLAs who demanded a probe into the land allotments to the
IMG? Is it because TDP remained neutral during the no-trust vote?” questioned
the letter.

also asked the CM if it was not true that he blackmailed Naidu with a probe
into the IMG land allotments if the TDP chief had not supported the Government
by remaining neutral during the no-trust vote.

you are ordering investigation against your political opponents in Congress at
rocket speed, why do you hesitate to order a probe against Naidu?  People are of the view that you are taking the
initiative with your party leadership in Delhi to have a covert alliance with
the TDP in the 2014 elections? Is it not true? Is it not true that both
Congress and TDP had cooperated with each other in all elections held in the
state after the death of YSR? Is it not true that India Today carried a story
saying that Congress and TDP are secret friends?” the letter questioned CM.

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