YSRCP accepts TDP leader's challenge

Here is the complete text of the statement issued by YSRCP  Political Affarirs Committee Coordinator Konatala Ramakrishna on March 30, 2013.

I understand that the Kurnool district TDP man Sri K E Krishnamurty demanded that CBI should probe the role of Sri D A Somayajulu as Economic Advisor to late Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy Government in ruining the state economy during 2004-09.

We readily accept TDP’s challenge and request CBI to immediately start probing whether the following facts are correct or not. In fact, I would be happy if CBI takes the services of Dr C Rangarajan or somebody of his standing for establishing the truth. I want truth to come out at any rate from an independent agency in the larger public interest.

1)Is it not a fact that the then APSEB earned operating profit in each of the five financial years during the Congress Rule 1989-1994?

2)Is it also not a fact that in each of the ten years period of TDP rule i.e. from 1994-2004, the APSEB suffered huge operating losses, which cumulatively accounted for over Rs 20,000 cr in those ten years period despite raising power tariff several times for all classes of consumers including for agriculture?

3)Is it not a fact that it is because of this mismanagement of the power sector that the state revenues have gone haywire with huge accumulated Revenue Deficits of over Rs 22,000 cr during 1994-2004 as against a cumulative revenue surplus as on 31-3-1994 i.e. at the of 38 years after formation of the state?

4)Is it not a fact that because of this mismanagement of the power sector during the TDP regime, the Asset/Liability ratio of the State for 1994-2004 fell to 45:100 as against what was 101:100 as on 31-3-1994?

5)Is it not a fact that the Asset/Liability ratio of the state for 2004-09 has increased to 120:100 as on 31-3-2009?

6)Is it not a fact that YSR Government did not increase power tariff atleast once during the five years period to any class of consumers despite agricultural power consumption going up from 800   cr units     in 2003-04 to 1500 cr units per annum in 2008-09?

7)Is it not a fact that the industrial power tariff was 75 paise per unit less in 2009 than what it was in 2004?

8)Is it also not a fact that it is not only the power tariff that was not increased even once during 2004-09 but also the RTC charges, Water charges and Municipal taxes were not raised even once during  2004-09?

9)Is it not because of better power supply at highly reduced rates that the overall economic growth that the state achieved during 2004-09 was as high as 9.07% per annum as against the annual growth  rate of 5.7% per annum during the earlier TDP regime?

10)Is it not because of various favourable initiatives taken by YSR Government, particularly in power sector, that the manufacturing sector in the state recorded a growth rate of 13% per annum in real terms during 2004-09 against a meagre 8% growth rate during the TDP regime?

11)Is it not for the same reason that the agriculture and allied activities recorded an annual growth rate of 6.87% during 2004-09 as against 3.25% growth rate during the earlier TDP regime?

12) Is it not a fact that the number of pensions given to old aged etc has gone up from 20 lakh pensions in 2004 to 70 lakh pensions by 2009 and it was highest for any state in the country?

13) Is it not a fact that during 2004-09 two rupees a KG rice scheme was implemented benefitting 80% of the population?

14) Is it not a fact that thanks to Aarogyasri initiated during 2004-09 helped about 17 lakh patients till now?

15) Is it not a fact that 108 implemented by YSR Government saved many lives?

16)  Is it not a fact that YSR Government constructed 45 lakh weaker section houses and offered tuition fees reimbursement for about 30 lakh college going students?

17) Is it not a fact that the CATO institute ranked AP as the fastest growing state in India during 2004-09 in terms on economic freedom index? To quote from that report “Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat were the two states that registered the biggest improvements in economic freedom, with their overall scores going up by 0.11 points each.

 Andhra Pradesh’s score went up from 0.40 to 0.51, which is proportionately faster than Gujarat’s move from 0.46 to 0.57. In overall state rankings, Andhra Pradesh moved up from 7th position in 2005 to 3rd position in 2009.”

18)  Finally, as stated in the latest Governor’s address, has not AP improved its rank from 23rd to 1st in the last ten years as regards poverty alleviation programmes under 20 point programme, thanks to a plethora of welfare and developmental programmes initiated by YSR Government? 

19)  Is it not for these reasons that we enjoy public goodwill? 

Apparently, frustrated over the truth that was presented by our Party in Response to TDP’s Black Paper on power, the TDP supremo must have forced him to make such a demand in the fond hope that truth can be mowed down. Unfortunately, they do not realize that truth cannot be mowed 

down. The TDP and his Party are on their way out. That the TDP did not win a single election since 1999 is a well known fact.

They fared below par in 2001 Panchayat Elections, lost miserably in 2004 General Elections, 2005 Municipal Elections, 2006 Panchayat elections and again 2009 General Elections. Out of 40 odd by-
elections to MLA vacancies held in the state post 2009, the TDP lost all the by-elections losing deposits in more than half of them. The TDP lost deposits for both the Lok Sabha seats for which by-elections were held post 2009.

Instead of learning from their past mistakes, the TDP is trying to silence their political opponents using its present position as the saviour of the Congress Government in the State. What a pity! The TDP must realize that It will not win even one MP seat from the state in the ensuing General elections. 

I advise the TDP to accept their failure with grace; else they will continue to face social exclusion as they are now facing.

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