YSRCP assembly strategy

Hyderabad: The
YSRCP deputy floor Leader Jyotula Nehru and MLC Subhash Chandrabose informed
that including the TDP leader’s call money sex exploitation case several
other issues which were causing troubles to the public will be debated
in Assembly. The leaders said that it is not correct to say that
Assembly sessions will be done for five days without conducting BAC
meeting. They demanded that the sessions should continue till all the
public issues were discussed and resolved.

YSRCP has discussed extensively on their Legislature Party meeting held
at Lotus Pond party main office presided by Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy. The
party MLA’s, MLC’s and main leaders attended the meeting. Some of the
discussion points are:

1.To discuss on call money sex scandal case, bauxite mining in the Assembly

2. To bring up the issues of VRA, Anganvadi & Aasa Workers in the Assembly

3. To talk on the problems faced by the unemployed youth and the employees

4. To talk on floods, drought, support prices and to demand buying of drenched paddy

5. To debate on adulterated liquor sales and the death of innocent people

6. To demand complete ban of liquor in Andhra Pradesh

7. To demand providing support prices to the farmers

8. To fight continuously till the prices of the basic commodities were regulate

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