YS Jagan’s Top Ten Comments

Hyderabad: As part of the fifth phase of Rythu
Bharosa Yatra launched in view of consoling the farmer families at loss in
Ananthapuram, the leader of opposition and YSRCP president slammed CM Chandrababu
Naidu’s atrocities and deception. Here are the top ten comments he made during
his speech during the tour in Ananthapuram district.

After coming into power, Chandrababu has backstabbed the
farmers, the women, the handloom workers and young students too.

Not one of the promises made prior to elections has been kept.
All Chandrababu has done is to practice corruption.

Is Babu not shameless to talk about a state free of corruption
and impose pledge on young kids?

Corruption is in all sectors including sand and coal and from
snatching capital area lands to selling temple’s properties.

Babu has bought 17 MLAs spending Rs.30 crore for each, the total
expenditure amounting to Rs.600 crore.

In spite of all the corrupt activities being performed,
apparently Babu is not be questioned!

Can nobody question backstabbing?

What is wrong in givind deceptive Chandrababu a big slap?

We all should unite and bring pressure on Babu to achieve
reformation in him. The day when Babu will be dipped by people in the Bay of
Bengal is nearing.

This struggle will not end soon. Your blessings are needed to
turn victorious in it.

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