YS Jagan’s Top Ten Comments

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan uncovered
Chandrababu’s atrocities one after the other in the assembly. He slammed the
Government’s deceptive behaviour towards dalits. Speaking about drought, irrigation
projects and development of dalits on separate occasions, YS Jagan delivered
certain comments, among which the following can be considered as top ten.

1.     There
could be assistance from the centre if drought areas were announced on the 4th
and the 5th of October and comprehensive report was submitted on
time. But as the report reached the centre only by the end of November, the
Government released only one-third of the required funds.

2.     Chandrababu
Naidu is bragging about encouraging IT industry. He talks as if he has invented
IT and he has introduced the cell phone.

3.     While
Krishna Delta needs 180 TMC of water, Chandrababu is boasting about saving it
with 4 TMCs of water. Is this not bluffing?

4.     70%
of work in Polavaram right canal was completed under the tenure of Dr. YS
Rajasekhar Reddy. Now Chandrababu is using it to provide water and bragging to
have done everything himself.

5.     Not
being able to answer questions regarding Pattiseema, Chandrababu is proving
himself to be an outdated CM.

6.     Great
poet Gurajada penned in his poem “Manchi annadi maala aithey maala nenouthaa”.
We have to remember such great words.

7.     CM
remarked earlier that nobody would want to be born in SC community.

8.     Chandrababu
does not question upstream states regarding irrigation water because he was
caught in Telangana for ‘note for vote’ case and is afraid of KCR for it.

9.     Anybody
will be wondered by Chandrababu’s lies.

10.  Defected
MLAs need posts but they do not dare to go into people and face elections.

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