YS Jagan powerful comments

The Opposition Leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy delivered an emotional speech at Tirupati in a conference on Special Status.
  • We are all Youth, we are representatives of this generation
  • Students are teaching lessons to the Government, that is the situation.
  • The day to teach a strong lesson to Chandrababu is coming
  • Chandrababu will not give jobs and he will not try for Special Status which creates jobs
  • He earning hundreds of crores through corruption in AP, tried to buy MLA's.
  • Is Chandrababu a Human Being? He is creating that doubt.
  • Just by Special Status the jobs in Uttarakhand increased by 490%
  • Every District will become like Hyderabad with Special Status
  • We need not ask for jobs but, industries will come to us 
  • We will walk together in this fight and win together this battle.
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