YS Jagan poses six questions to Chandrababu

YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy shot off six questions to AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on behalf of the people of the state. He dared Chandrababu to answer them if he was sincere and courageous.

1)     What did you do during those seven months?

The state was bifurcated on March 2, 2014. The Union Cabinet had passed a resolution on according special category status to the truncated state of Andhra Pradesh and issued orders to that effect to the Planning Commission. Chandrababu became the CM on June 2014. The file remained with the planning commission till December 2014. What did you do all these seven months? Why did you not even ask them about it? Doesn’t it amount to cheating the people of the state?

2)     Why did you not oppose the special package announced by Jaitley?

On September 8, 2016, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely had announced a fake package in lieu of the special status . Then the TDP remained muted and did not oppose the announcement. In fact, it welcomed it. Jaitley made the same announcement recently. This time around, Chandrababu asked his ministers in the Modi cabinet to resign. Why no resignations then? And why resignations now?

3)     Why did you foil my indefinite fast?

Did you not try to foil during the last four years every agitation that sought special status to Andhra Pradesh? When I sat on fast for eight days, you got my fast site dismantled in the wee hours of the day citing that Narendra Modi was on a visit to the state. In fact, you could have cited my fast and built pressure on the Centre. When my party cadre staged dharnas in every nook and cranny of the state, you used every trick in the trade to foil them and snuff them out.

4)     Why did you not think of the No Confidence Motion till the YSRCP began mobilizing support for its motion?

Had the YSRCP not tabled a No Confidence Motion, would you have tabled a motion on behalf of your party? On March 15, you had announced that you would back the YSRCP motion if it had sufficient numbers. The very next day, you took a 360 degree turn. Isn’t it because my MPs were meeting every party and were mobilizing support. When you realized that they were all backing me, you suddenly changed tack and tabled another no confidence motion. You had even shamelessly claimed that the support from various parties was due to your image. Can there be a bigger lie than this? On March 15, you claimed that you would support the motion if it had sufficient numbers in its support. The implied meaning is that you did not talk to anyone mobilizing support till March 15. On March 16, you had announced that you would table a motion. Even you didn’t know on March 15 that there would be a TDP-sponsored motion too. If this is not shameless politics, then what is?

5)     How can you achieve special status without agitating?

A couple of days ago, Chandrababu called for an all-party meeting on the special status issue. The meeting was farcical to say the least. It was like a robber asking people how to stop robberies. At the all-party meeting, you had opposed protests, abhorred agitations and asked students not to join the protests. You had even said that ifthe agitation assumes serious form, the image of the state would get a beating. You asked the people to sport black badges and do nothing else. Can one get special status by these tame methods and lame strategies?

6)     If all the MPs from the state are on one page, we can make even Modi and the Centre to see reason. Can’t we?

The YSRCP has already announced that all YSRCP MPs would resign on the last day of the parliament’s session. If only you asked your MPs to resign, the Centre would be under severe pressure. But, you chose not to do it. The reason is you are mortally afraid that the BJP might fix you in the Cash for Votes scam. So you want your MPs in Parliament to defend you. In effect, you had shamelessly bartered the interests of the state to serve your own interests. Is this justified?
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