YS Jagan - The leader of this generation

Guntur:  The YSRCP President is considered as the leader of this generation by his initiation in starting his indefinite hunger strike in Guntur, for thespecial status of State. To fulfill the dreams of younger generation and make a room for their wishes to fulfill he has laid the foundation.

YS Jagan addressed the people on the platform laid to protest for the special status. He could impress the people of Guntur. With the same flow, he explained the importance and interest about the Special status to students and youth. He said very clearly that this effort is only for the sake of thepeople of this generation. In addition to these children of this generation, he stated that he will put all his efforts and fight.

 Jagan could make the people to state the frauds done by Babu. Farm loan waiver, DWCRA loans, loan waiver, jobs for the unemployed schemes were simply frauds which were revealed by people present in the meeting. It is clearly understood that the youth is along with him. At the same time, the deeds of Babu in preventing the state to get the special status were stated to people openly. The TDP has nothing to say, if all these things are captured, said Jagan pushing them to defense. “Our People briefed me” when these words were mentioned by Jagan and the way Naidu is speaking English, people expressed their joy.

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