Yellow Channel in Babu Bhajan

Hyderabad: The inferior politics of ABN Andhrajyothi which is immersed in doing Chandrababu bhajan is exposed. The YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy said that the channel got one and half acre of precious land in Tirupati at throw away price and in return to that favor the channel is doing dirty and cheap announcements.

The Channel made a cheap announcement that the YSRCP Senior leader M.V.Mysoora Reddy, Gadikota Srikanth Reddy and other political parties leaders met on Wednesday in Hyderabad plotting to start a regional revolution. The YSRCP leader Gadikota Srikanth Reddy made a public announcemet in which he said “ I am not in Hyderabad on Wednesday, I was very much in my constituency. It is well known to all that along with the party president Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy we were all openly protesting & fighting on the injustice happening to 13 districts especially the backward districts in Chandrababu rule. The story broadcasted by the channel today mentioning me and M.V Mysoora Reddy is a proof of the channels perverted  and demoralized journalism. The channel managed to make the Chandrababu government minister cadre take a decision to give 1.5 acres of land in Tirupati to them at Rs.80 lakhs per acre rate, whereas the actual rate per acre in that region is Rs.5 crores per acre. The next day after this took place the channel was eager to payback the favor by degrading its moral values and broadcasting this fake story.

The state is in severe drought, the prices of the basic commodities steeply increased, farmers were committing suicides, un-employment rate increased, from Pattiseema to the capital and from sand to mining everywhere the government corruption is deep rooted and on top of this all the Kapu community is enraged with the news that Chandrababu is the main culprit behind Vangaveeti Ranga murder. To divert public attention from all these burning issues the Chandrababu government gave away crores worth land to ABN Andhrajyoti and to repay that favor the channel is subverted all the moral values making cheap & dirty announcements on YSRCP Chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, Mysoora Reddy and last on me also. Our party opposes centralized development which Chandrababu is planning to do. We will not compromise on this and there is no secrecy”.

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