Will Pawan Kalyan answer these questions?

Hero in Telugu films usually comes to the rescue of the helpless. But, here’s a hero who comes out of his lair only when Chandrababu is in distress. A song, a stunt and a punch dialogue later, he withdraws into his shell. He comes out whenever Leader of the Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy puts Chandrababu Naidu in a spot. Agnyaathavaasi comes, tries to take the fizz out of the Opposition campaign and coolly withdraws. You know who we are talking about.

Interestingly, he has never responded on time to any tragedy. Be it an accident or a calamity. What more, he also forgets the promises he made and the assurances he gave like the movie dialogues he forgets soon after mouthing them. 

He took up issues like Visakha Dredging Corporation to Simhapuri University, from capital area lands to aqua park and conveniently forgot them. This wishy-washy approach is only helping to divert the anger against the Chandrababu Government.

-When Amaravati farmers knocked the doors of the court, where was Pawan Kalyan?

-He waxed eloquent about Uddanam kidney patients. What is the follow-up? 

-He assured to fight for AgriGold victims. But, why did he leave them in the lurch?
-He said he would question the Government on special state status and backed off later. Why did he say that he would not join the stir in Tundurru? 

-Why did he give a call for South India self-respect meet and back off? 

-Why did he remain silent after calling himself a brand ambassador for handlooms? These questions beg answers from Pawan Kalyan!!
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