Will Chandrababu learn from Kerala tragedy?

Will Chandrababu Naidu care to learn a lesson or two from the Kerala tragedy?The whole capital complex in Amaravati is being built in water-logged and flood-prone area. This too could lead to catastrophic consequences. 

Environmentalists are warning that Amaravati too might suffer the same fate as that of Kerala’s river-bank cities. Already Mumbai, Chennai and Guwahati cities are on river banks and are facing huge problems during the flood season. Huge constructions are caving in like they are a house of cards.

Unfortunately, permissions are being given right, left and centre in Amaravati for indiscriminate constructions. Several environmentalists like Rajendra Singh have been arguing against constructions that obstruct the natural water flow.  He had also slammed Chandrababu Naidu for constructing his official residence in the river bed, which is against the rules.  He said this could have serious consequences. But, instead of listening to his sage advice, Chandrababu’s goons attacked Singh’s convoy.

Even Leader of Opposition YS Jagan has been highlighting the indiscriminate illegal quarrying of sand quarrying and mining along the river banks. All these indiscriminate quarrying and mining could spell doom for the ecology of the state in general and Amaravati in particular.

Will Chandrababu pay heed to these warnings and secure Amaravati before it is too late. 
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