Who is Superior, The One Who Invented the Mobile Phone or The One Who Uses it?

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader
of opposition YS Jagan passed comments of mockery towards the brags of CM
Chandrababu Naidu. The assembly was filled with laughter when he exposed how
Chandrababu boasted about technology.

YS Jagan mentioned that Chandrababu took
the credit of beginning Core Dashboard in his tenure, as if it had not been
there in the previous Governments. YS Jagan informed this had been present
before but Babu only gave it the name of ‘core dashboard’. He suggested that it
was not so fair to boast that the technology had been introduced by Babu. He
exemplified Babu’s boastful behaviour on this occasion.

He mocked Babu by saying that Chandrababu
would take a touchscreen phone into his hands and demonstrate how to use one’s
finger and operate the apps in it. He questioned if the persons inventing the
mobile phone and the people devising the apps were superior or the person who
demonstrated the use of fingers for the apps. This caused the assembly to roar
in laughter.


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