Who Is Responsible For The Plants?

  • Vanam - Manam is a flop programme
  • Saplings planted and forgotten
  • Withering plants
  • Waste of public money
Vijayawada: TDP Government is notorious for starting programmes pompously and leaving them mid-way. Vanam - Manam programme initiated with great pomp and show seems to meet a flop end. There is nobody to take care of the saplings planted as part of this programme.

The Government held the programme during August - September 2016, but never cared to check on the updates of the plants, which are in turn becoming fodder for cattle or simply withering, after investment if lakhs of rupees of public money. Forest department distributed through nurseries, 50,000 - 1 lakh plants per mandal in the constituency. They were planted in Government and private schools, Government offices, beside highways and streets of villages. Only 10% of the plants planted on the sides of the roads were given tree-guards. The rest were left to die.

What happened to geo-tagging?!
CM Chandrababu mentioned at the time of initiation of Vanam - Manam programme that every plant would be supervised through geo-tagging technology and every plant would be checked for its development once in every six months. He also announced that those Government employees who took up planting trees would be given prominence in their transfer process. He called for planting programme in every school on every fourth Saturday. But now the geo-tagging seems to be just another stunt for publicity.


There is no one to water the plants: Nanduri Padmanjali, Nuzivid
What is the using of planting trees when there is nobody to water them? Now all the plants have withered due to lack of care. This shows that the programme lacked commitment and was only an attempt to gain publicity.

A deed should have commitment: N.Murali Krishna, Nuzivid
It is good to plant saplings, but there should be some commitment behind any deed. The pompous planting programme wasted public money and yielded no good result. Making sure the planted saplings survive is very important.
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