Where is the letter of that day?

YSRCP exposes TDP double tongue manner

Removes letter from official website in hurry

The TDP’s crooked behavior was exposed once again. In 2011 when
Chandrababu was in opposition he wrote a letter to the Congress
Government that they are opposing mining of Bauxite. When YSRCP showed
this letter to the media the TDP became alert and hurriedly removed that
letter from their official website. This proves their two eye

The TDP government released a GO Number 97 on Thursday
permitting Bauxite mining. The government has laid eyes on 565 MT
Bauxite reserves in 8902 acres, in first phase the government approved
mining in 3030 acres to encash 223 MT of Bauxite. The Tribal
associations, YSRCP and other political parties have seriously opposed
the government decision declaring that the mining works will be blocked.

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