When CM behaves like a factionist...

A leader should lead and inspire. His behavior has to instill confidence. The people must feel confident to relate their problems to him and feel confident that their problems would be addressed. They must feel succor in his presence. The state had such a leader in the past. He showed how a leader should conduct himself. He led the people of the state and instilled hope in him.

Unfortunately, such a leader is no more. He has left us all too sudden. Also gone was his affectionate address – Namaste akkayya…. Namaste chellemma….!! His honesty, his people-oriented governance, his welfare perspective were gone. We got Chandrababu Naidu, whose governance, demeanor, approach and attitude deeply disappointed the people of the state. While the earlier leader was affectionately called Rajanna, this man called himself Chandranna. But, mere imitation cannot give one success. An imposter is remains one however hard he might try. Chandrababu said he was a changed man and said he would now work for the people. After having duped, he came back into his own dictatorial, indolent rule that he is famed for.

During Nandyal elections, when a citizen questioned his policies. Chandrababu flew into a rage and shouted at him. He said one nod from him, his party workers would kill him. He hurled invectives at him.

Even his brother in law Balayya Babu is in the same mould. Slapping, hitting his fans, workers, colleagues and even voters is his wont. Most TDP MLAs too behave in the same way. Isn’t it time to put at end to all this.
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