Welfare To Depend On Real Estate Income

  • CRDA land allocation regulations state so.
  • Not a single rupee out of the Government’s treasure.
  • The future of residents of capital area has to depend on
    real estate income.
  • Amaravathi: The future of the farmers in capital area seems
    to be depending on the profits of the real estate business of the Government in
    the area. The Government is not spending even a rupee of its treasure for expenditure
    of waiver of agriculture loans, pension for farmers without lands, new no-interest
    loans amounting to Rs.25 lakh, free education and free healthcare. These
    expenses are going to be taken care of by the performance of the real estate
    business of the 10,000 acres of land in the hands of the Government.

    Regulations devised by CRDA for land allocation clearly
    stated that the amount to be given away to the farmers in the capital area, the
    labour cost of the farmers and the expenditure planned for welfare of weaker
    sections had to be taken into account while deciding the minimum cost of the

    Here is the complete list of the factors to be taken into
    account for the decision of the lands’ cost.

    • The cost decided by the registration department
    • The money to be given annually to the farmers under land
      acquisition act
    • The amount paid for parks and trees
    • Compensation paid for constructions
    • Expenditure for waiver of agriculture loans
    • Pension to be paid for 10 years to farmers with no lands
    • Construction cost of houses for the homeless
    • No-interest loans of up to Rs.25 lakh for self-employment
    • Cost of free education and free healthcare
    • Expenditure for establishment of NTR canteens
    • Extra investment for creation of jobs under employment
      guarantee scheme for 10 years
    • Establishment, expenditure and maintenance cost of skill
      development organisations
    • Cost of land acquisition and administration expenses
    • Extra compensation to be given as per court’s orders
    • Assistance and rehabilitation expenses

    The cost of the lands is going to be decided by also
    considering the expenditure put by the Government in the past and in the future
    too. Registration value of the lands is also going to be counted. The value may
    also change with area and zone. The lands are going to be given away by bidding
    and auctioning. The buyers will have to bear the cost of land development. Cost
    of infrastructure is separately chargeable.

    The people are astonished to find that their welfare is
    going to be dependent on the profits of real estate business. The farmers and
    the expatriates will be benefited only if the real estate plans of the Government
    flourish. Present situation does not promise competent purchase of lands in the

    What kind of backup plan does the Government have if the
    income from the real estate does not satisfy its expectations? Experts of
    economy are cautioning that this planning is not appreciable in the present
    situation of financial recession.

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