Way to make people fools

Vijayawada: Chandrababu Naidu is
well known for making people fools. He is the only person to know how to
deceive many by a single plan. No one can compete with him. There were lots of
promises and assurance given to people before elections. Farm loan waiver for
farmers, loan waiver for DWCRA women, job for each house or compensation for
unemployed youth were the schemes announced before elections. After coming
on roles of power, he simply dumped these into trash bin. As the people could
not digest this, even after one year of rule, they are slowly revolting against
the Government. So, to divert the focus of people, he is trying to pay way. As
a part of his game he wanted to make the MLA’s as scape goats. The only person
responsible for this mistake is Chandrababu. On the top of that, he mentioned
that a survey has been conducted and as per the report, he is trying to support
his rule.
According to his
version, in the survey, people said that they are very happy and satisfied by
the ruling Government in the State. On the other side, on the name of loan
waiver scheme, whatever the compensation is given is not even sufficient to
clear the interests for those loans.  Many farmers are committing suicides
to come out of these situations. But, Babu is still advertising that people are
very happy. He is stating that according to the survey, people are not happy
with the MLA’s and other Ministers. Overall, he says that people are happy with
his rule but not with the acts of MLA’s and other Ministers pouring marks to
Self. This is the cheap trick played by Chandrababu and making people fools is
what is heard.

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