Waiver Is All Bluff Work

Hyderabad: The
Government is continuing its deceptive ways with respect to the waiver of
agricultural loans. After cutting down the funds with strict regulations, several
conditions and a lot more filtrations, the Government is still trying to bluff the
farmers who have crossed all these hurdles. Funds are still not being allotted
after all the publicity stunts in place. Even the funds released in parts for
the second installment are not being transferred to the banks.

Payments have not been done for the
qualifying farmers even for the 3rd and the 4th phases in
the first instalment of waiver. The promise made to horticultural farmers for
assistance of Rs.10,000 per acre also has not taken shape yet. Farmers are left
with no choice but to go around Government offices and banks for the promised

Horticulture sector also takes
the blow

The CM has formally made his first
signature during the inauguration of temporary secretariat in Velagapudi on the
file sanctioning Rs.3,200 crore for the first and the second instalments of
loan waiver. He also signed on the file sanctioning Rs.375 crore for
horticultural farmers. The funds were supposed to be released in May but they
haven’t seen light even in the third week of July. As Kharif has begun, the
farmers are very anxious about receiving the loans, but the Government is
staying indifferent as usual.

Publicity about sanction of

As part of second instalment, an amount
of Rs.3,002.55 crore is to be paid for 36,39,553 farmers’ accounts.
But the finance department, in May, ordered for release of Rs.1000 crore. The
funds were released a while later to the farmers’ organisations. They still
have not reached farmers’ accounts. After finance department released BRO for funds
for the first and the second instalments of waiver, assistance for
horticultural farmers, waiver software support, funds are being released
whenever possible and in however small amounts possible. The Government is publicizing
that the funds are being given just with the acceptance of agriculture

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