True story of all Free

The true story behind the Free concept advertised by Chandrababu in
Amravati, Capital of the State is revealed. He is continuously stating
that the Master plan for Capital is just given for free by Singapore
team is what is mentioned and reiterated many times by Babu. For that
reason, he invited the Singapore team and took them in a Special
helicopter and shown them the Area of Godavari and honored the team. The
inner reason behind giving the Master plan for Capital is slowly coming
out. The terms and conditions while creating the Master plan are slowly
coming out. There is a deal with the existing Government and Singapore
that the Capital formation project will be given to Singapore companies
for sure. Swiss challenge means that. The whole process of Capital
formation project will be dealt by Singapore team, how to start,
continue and even the decision of selecting the Construction companies
for being a part of this project is also decided by Singapore when
different companies come forward to be a part of this project. So,
whatever the Singapore companies are selected they consider them and the
remaining other construction companies will be simply asked to leave.

the free free propaganda is made by Babu Government many times, the
Singapore Company started its show now. They sent a message that as a
first installment, the Government should be ready with Rs. 50 thousand
crores. That too, it is only the first phase of the project, to start
with to provide the basic amenities. If this is all is required for only
the first phase, then it is only to complete 18% of the work for
Capital formation project.

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