Totally a 'One Man Show'

Hyderabad: From past two to three months Chandrababu Naidu was frantic about Amaravati and its Foundation. By noticing his state of mind the ministers and higher authorities have put aside all their works and involved in Capital work. Even the employees and general staff also followed suit. There is absolutely no benefit to the public from the foundation ceremony that is costing Rs.400 crores but for Chandrababu a feeling of satisfaction that he did a one man show will remain.

Chandrababu’s urge

We must consider that the second half of 2015 did not go well for Chandrababu Naidu. He was caught shamelessly in Cash for Vote scam and became more popular as red handedly caught thief. At that moment all his propaganda that he was a man of truthfulness was blown away. He somehow managed to escape from the opposition questions on the scam by counter attacking them. To repair the damage done to his nationwide reputation & prestige, he tried to organize Godavari Pushkaras in a big way. But his eagerly decision to do a video shoot costed him another scandal and loss of reputation when 29 people have lost their lives. With these serial damages to his reputation he decided to do some program that gets national attention to restore his image. This propensity is the reason for all the hype and grand cinematic arrangements in foundation ceremony. He also planned to do a massive publicity by paying huge amounts to national & regional TV channels.

Mind fixed on Foundation

Chandrababu would do anything for publicity, so he wanted to shape the foundation ceremony as a prestigious project taken up by the government. So he engaged all government manpower on that task. He assigned each task to the ministers. With this all the respective government departments stalled all their departmental works and focused on foundation ceremony exigencies from past two to three months. To be more precise, every department was paralyzed.

Heights of Publicity

After the Pushkaras episode Chandrababu quite meticulously released huge ads to news channels and newspapers. With this the media has reduced their focus on stampede and focused more on support activities. Chandrababu stayed there and monitored publicity of his name. Now, he is using the same formula. He ordered release of numerous ads to news channels and newspapers and in return indirectly instructed them to present graphical presentations of Amaravati publicity. Chandrababu is trying for restoring his reputation without hesitation spending Rs.400 crores.  

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