Top Ten Comments of YS Jagan

in the discussion regarding accounts of electricity department in the assembly,
leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan exposed the true colours of
Chandrababu’s Government. He uncovered the unhindered robbery of the Government
to the people along with numbers. Here are the top ten comments from YS Jagan’s

1.     Power distribution companies proposed buying 16,000 million units of
electricity. After checking these details, electrical control panel declared
that buying 757 million units would be sufficient. Still 15,251 million units
were purchased. This shows up to what extent misuse happened.

2.     Huge purchase happened
with huge expenditure under the mask of eliminating power cut.

3.     By the end of December in
2015-16, Rs.2.71 power was available during the day and Rs.1.90 power was
available during the night time. Still power was bought at Rs.5.11.

4.     Purchase proposals for
64,706 million units of electricity were made ready for 2016-17 without real
need for it.

5.     Indian Energy Exchange
reported the unnecessary purchase by power distribution companies.

6.     IEE commented that Rs.26,378
crore worth purchase had happened in spite of availability of power for lower

7.     Something is fishy with
coal purchase too.

8.     Agreement happened at
$69.15 and purchase by the Government is happening at the same rate though the
cost came down to $52.4.

9.     Agreement of coal
happened for 12 lakh tons but now it reached 19.25 tons.

10.  After committing so many unlawful acts, Chandrababu’s Government is
shamelessly supporting itself.

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