Top Ten Comments from YS Jagan

Hyderabad: Speaking in the assembly, leader of opposition YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu Naidu for various atrocities he had been performing including capital land mafia. In spite of the disturbance from the ministers and members of TDP, he exposed the list of misdeeds of Babu. Following are the top ten powerful comments made by YS Jagan…

  1. Chandrababu speaks of his poverty here. Then he goes to Delhi and accolades the leaders there.
  2. Centre’s offer of resources and funds for capital city construction are ignored. They say they will get things done by China and Singapore. Whichever country Babu visits, he starts to say he will make that country build the capital.
  3. Not a brick has been laid in the capital city. Only graphic images are being shown since two years now.
  4. We are not allowed to speak. But ministers are encouraged to speak and abuse. This injustice is being watched by God.
  5. We were never terrified by court cases. Who got advance stay orders begging out of fear?
  6. Everybody knows who is scared of CBI inquiry.
  7. AP’s average growth rate has been presented to be more than that of India. There should be a limit for the number magic.
  8. CRDA is now called Chandrababu Real Estate Development Authority.
  9. After Chandrababu came to power, new industries did not start. Moreover the existing ones are being shut down. Many IT, cotton and ginning industries got shut down.
  10. Chandrababu is the real culprit. He performed Insider Trading. How can a criminal demand to show his crimes?


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