Top ten comments: YS Jagan

Guntur: The Leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan initiated and was on a hunger strike for the special status has proved to the public about the government’s intention in changing the medical reports. He spoke to the media from where he is doing the indefinite hunger strike.   Some of the elements of his words.

1.    Naidu's government is doing shameless conspiracies in the dark

2.    To dilute the movement Medical reports have been tampered

3.    Is it required to play this way, with a man’s life?

4.    Special status is not the requirement of YS Jagan

5.    Special status is required to students and unemployed youth

6.    The extent they are going to dilute the movement

7.    No where such degrading politics can be seen

8.    I am coming from a doctor’s family where father and father-in-law both are doctors

9.   False claims and false operations done by the government.

10.  Apart from hearing the words of Council of Ministers it is good to hear the voice of God

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