Those trying to vilify YS Bharathi will end up as zeroes

Call it superstition or coincidence… but did you realize that all those who played a part in YS Jagan’s arrest are languishing in wilderness. Some are politically finished and some are languishing in jails themselves. Many more are facing serious cases themselves.  It’s very much like the old adage of ‘As you so, so you reap’  coming out to be true.

Take the case of former Minister Shankar Rao, who was the first to accuse YS Jagan and write to the high court demanding YS Jagan’s arrest. He has lost his ministry and was later arrested in a case. Yerran Naidu, who flung accusation after accusation against YS Jagan, died in an unfortunate road mishap. BN Ravinder Reddy, who was one of the biggest critics, lost his ministry and is nowhere now. Revanth Reddy called YS Jagan a jail bird. Today, he himself is embroiled in the Cash for Vote scam and had to go to jail. His political future is uncertain in the Congress Party.  What more, he was caught on tape trying to entire an MLC with money at the behest of Chandrababu Naidu.

Most importantly, Sonia Gandhi, who went hammer and tongs against YS Jagan, is now in political wilderness. The Congress party is staring at extinction. Even in the TDP, those MLAs who were most vocal and vindictive against YS Jagan, are languishing without any recognition. None of them have been given ministries, while those who defected from the YSRCP to the TDP have become Ministers. These TDP loudmouths are today shell-shocked at the slight.

Today, the same people are now trying to attack YS Jagan’s wife YS Bharathi Reddy. They are claiming that the couple would go to jail together. This is an attempt to demoralize the YSRCP and to use this news to get political mileage. Isn’t it interesting that Bharathi’s name was not there in the chargesheet for all these seven years. Today, suddenly, her name is being propped up. Many people are seeing through this stratagem of targeting YS Bharathi.  They know that nothing can come out of this exercise and that both Bharathi and YS Jagan would come out crystal clean out of this ordeal. Interestingly, there is as yet no confirmation that YS Bharathi’s name is there in the chargesheet. It is still a rumour floated and popularalised by the Yellow Meida, which dances to Chandrababu Naidu’s tunes.

These people perhaps do not know that all these will boomerang on them. They are sowing wind and will reap whirlwind.
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