They are buying time ..!

Naidu has no values..!

Request the Prime Minister to give the special status..!

YSRCP MLA Uma Reddy Venkateswarulu mentioned that the central and state governments are buying time for giving the special status for Andhra Pradesh.  He reminded that when Congress is in power, at that time, Parliament announced Special status as a witness while TDP and BJP were in the opposition. Chandrababu also asked the special status to be extended for 15 years. But today each leader is making different statements regarding special status. In relation to this, he mentioned that protests will be carried in Delhi, and bandh in the State. He mentioned that for 7 days, the President of YSRCP was on indefinite hunger strike.

Asking special status

Uma Reddy stated that they requested appointment from the Pime Minister to request about the Special Status. He said, as Modi is visiting the State on 22nd of this month, on behalf of peopleof Andhra Pradesh, we will convey to Modi, about the hope of special status. He said, that the party MLAs, MLCs, MPs along with the party President would meet Modi at any time allocated comfortable for the Prime Minister.  He mentioned that they are going to convey the situations faced by the unemployed and students and request him  to give the special status instantly.

 Not adhering to minimum values

Chandrababu said that he will personally invite the neighbouring state Chief Minister KCR but in the case of the Opposition Leader of the own state he is not adhering the protocols and not concerned of minimum values. Ummareddy said that the opposition was never invited for any program including the Capital Land Puja. He said that they snatched away the lands from the farmers and handed over those lands to Singapore companies for Real Estate business. He said that the ruling party is doing all anti-people activities and said that they cannot attend a function held in such controversial land. He mentioned that all these will be brought to the notice of Modi, in case if the PM is not coming to the State, he said that they will go to Delhi to explain him the situation.

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