There Are Values In Democracy

() New ways to lure opposition MLAs

() Enticement has to happen at any cost
() Threat of false allegations if they don't leave their party

Hyderabad: TDP president Chandrababu Naidu has been resorting to different means in order to snatch MLAs from opposition YSRCP. He is degrading to a great extent to achieve what he wants.
Since TDP has come to power, it has been trying to grab the MLAs of the opposition party YSRCP. Recently some MLAs have been bought for Rs.20-30 crore each. Some of them have also been offered political positions. Proposals have been made to some others for grant of Government contracts, thus facilitating joint corruption and pocketing crores of rupees. Some others have been promised lands in the capital area.
It is being heard recently that certain MLAs are being threatened by TDP that they would be booked in false legal cases if they did not quit YSRCP for TDP. Primarily, those MLAs in the field of business are being target of these threats.
The yellow team has tried to threaten Kavali MLA Ramreddy Pratap Kumar Reddy in the same manner. Ministers and MLAs have entered the arena for this. When they tried to threaten him with the name of false cases he gave them and equally strong response. He made it clear to them that he would rather take the imprisonment rather than leave YS Jagan. This is an example good enough to prove that there are still values left in democracy. Is it not? 
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