TDP Working With Attacks As Agenda

Hyderabad: Misuse of power for taking vengeance on the opposition party has grown to be a habit for TDP. Attacks are being made on opposition leaders under the mask of authority. The voice of opposition raised to talk about people's problems and Government's atrocities is being suppressed. Attacks are being made on YSRCP leaders who have been trying to unfold the Government's deception under the leadership of YS Jagan. Filing false cases using the police has become a routine recently. Funds are not being sanctioned to those constituencies where opposition leaders are present.

Serial attacks in CM's district

Chandrababu's team has raised curtain to conspiracy in order to suppress Chandragiri MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy. Age old cases registered against him are being excavated to arrest him. This act is due to TDP's vengeance against his valour to uncover TDP's atrocities in Chandrababu's own area. He has been arrested for peacefully protesting against unjust demolition of poor people's houses. TDP is carrying out unlawful activities by keeping the police and the revenue departments under control.

TDP has always been vengeful towards MLA RK Roja who has been fighting against women's problems. There has been nothing TDP did not try to trouble her. Violating regulations, she has been suspended from the assembly for a year.

The police were also employed to trouble MP Mithun Reddy. He has been arrested at Chennai for a small incident that took place at Tirupati airport and harassed.

MLAs being targeted

TDP cadre is attaking the MLAs playing active role in the consolidation of YSRCP. Police cases are being filed against YSRCP MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy who is bravely facing the atrocities being committed by the family of assembly speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao in Narsaraopeta.  Recently attacks were instructed to goons by TDP.

Vengence on leaders

Active leaders of YSRCP are being targeted. Additional wings' leaders are being attacked at various places.

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