TDP surveys are sponsored

YSR Congress has said that the survey on
TDP government performance was sponsored and aimed at self boasting as there is
no truth in the data. ‘The survey showing that 35 % assent to the DWACRA groups
shows the nature and genuineness of the exercise as not a single loan of the
women groups was waved and the high percentage given to the performance to law
and order only makes clear the irony,’ party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told
reporters here on Tuesday.

The incidents of showing discrimination
in filing cases and allowing the ruling party leaders to rule the roost with
the land, sand and liquor mafia spreading its wings all over with the
connivance of the TDP government only shows why it has got such a high

Sincere officers are posted to areas
where there is no focus. The pensions are also carried out in an arbitrary
manner and out of the 18 subjects taken up the government did not cross halfway
mark even in six subjects which shows the levels of efficiency, he said.

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