'TDP sidestepping rights of elected representatives'

Hyderabad, Criticizing the TDP government for its unethical practice of trying to undermine the rights of elected representatives, YSR Congress has demanded to revoke the Government Order (GO) issued appointing ruling party members to Central Government schemes as chairpersons ignoring the central guidelines.

‘Though the Central Government has appointed senior parliamentarians as chairpersons of the National Health Mission as per the guidelines of District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee which states that the senior most local Parliamentarian should head the committee, TDP has appointed its leaders from other parts where YSRCP has representation,’ party political secretary and MP YV Subba Reddy told media on Monday.

The Union Health Ministry has appointed Mekapati Rajmohan Reddy (Nellore), YS Subba Reddy (Prakasam) and Avinash Reddy (Kadapa) as chairmen of their respective districts
but TDP government has issued a GO and appointed TDP leaders from other places replacing them.

“The appointment is null and void and I have taken up the issue with the Union Health Ministry which has given a reply stating that the State has appointed the Chairmen without authority and instructed it to cancel the order immediately.

TDP has been at this practice of ignoring elected representatives and bringing in TDP cadres through backdoor and we demand the State to cancel the GO issued on May 6 appointing TDP MPs, including a Rajya Sabha member, to Nellore, Prakasam and Kadapa districts. 

The guidelines clearly state that only elected MPs (not Rajya Sabha members) should be the Chairperson for monitoring the Central sponsored scheme. The state has overstepped its right and it is an infringement of the rights of the MPs and the Centre’s guidelines and we will also explore legal options,’ he said.

The Janmabhoomi Committees are also to provide rehabilitation to the TDP cadre and keep the elected representatives at bay as the decisions are being taken by the committees laden with TDP members. We will fight this out, he said.
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