TDP shifts gears upon being caught

  • Shameless lies of TDP
  • YSRCP’s straight questions
  • TDP resorts to change of topic and alteration of statements 
  • Hyderabad:  Minister of Legislative Affairs Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, who brags about his long career as a politician, proved to be an uncompromised liar. In the presence of all the members of the assembly, he uttered lies and led to TDP leaders’ shifting gears.

    Statements of Mockery

    It was announced that there would be two days of time for discussion over vote of thanks to the Governor’s speech in the assembly. But the discussion started only during the last one hour of the first day. Leader of opposition YS Jagan expressed his objection to this and requested for more time. He predicted that the one-hour discussion to take place would be considered as one-day discussion, so he requested for the session to happen till the end of the day. Minister of legislative affairs Yanamala Ramakrishnudu intervened and uttered lies as is his habit. He wrongly commented that late Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy used to check his wristwatch as soon as it was 1:30 pm during his tenure as the CM and did not use to let the session continue beyond the scheduled time.

    Leader of opposition explains the reality

    Leader of opposition YS Jagan raised objection to this statement. He reminded that the meeting used to happen till 8 pm sometimes and that budget sessions also took place for 60-70 days in the past. Then TDP MLA Dhulipalla Narendra got involved and stated that the session had never happened till nightfall during YSR’s tenure as the CM and that it was during Chandrababu’s tenure that the sessions happened throughout the day. He bragged that he was a political veteran of 20 years experience.

    Senior member Peddireddy confides

    At this point, YSRCP’s senior leader Peddireddy Ramachandrareddy expressed his disapproval. He mentioned that the session happened till the evening during YSR’s tenure as CM even if lunch break was given. He challenged the arguing leaders to verify the records if they wanted. He also added that the YSR’s tenure had seen the number of days of assembly sessions in a year, as many as Babu’s tenure saw in two years.

            With this, TDP had no choice but to keep quiet. Caught by a real argument by YSRCP, it was confused about its next move. Then the yellow leaders altered their earlier statement by saying that the sessions had happened till nightfall during YSR’s tenure, but only upon pressure from opposition TDP leaders. This incident of TDP’s shifting gears proved the twisted attitude of the yellow leaders.

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