This TDP Minister is Untouchable to that Department

  • Minister
    Palle Raghunatha Reddy’s companies evade property tax
  • Officials’
    indifference to this
  • Minister
    inspires MLA Suri

Paying tax is the duty of citizens,
neglecting which one has to face the action taken by the taxation department.
But AP’s IT minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy and his follower TDP MLA Varadapuram
Suri are exception to this. They being big leaders, officials are choosing to
stay away from them.

companies owe more

Minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy of Ananthapuram district
is famous for his educational institutions. He runs educational institutions by
name ‘Sri Balaji Educational Society’. This organization owns properties in
Ananthapuram, the tax of which is pending now to be paid. The property tax owed
for houses numbered 13-3-612, 13-3-610 and 13-3-612 owned by this educational
society are Rs.10,20,574, Rs.8,85,122 and Rs.7,79,849. On the whole, taxes to
be paid by minister Palle sum up to Rs.25 lakh.

inspired by the minister

Desam Party’s MLA Varadapuram Suri seems to have learnt quite a bit from minister
Palle. He has decided to follow the minister particularly in evading tax
payment. He owes good amount of money to the department of taxes for the
properties under the name of G.Nirmala Devi. Taxes pending for houses with
doors numbered 15-323, 15-325 and 15-322 are respectively Rs.7,16, 223, Rs.6,77,055
and Rs.3,43,533 respectively. He has to pay almost Rs.17 lakh to the municipal
corporation, as calculated by officials.

high the position of a leader, the far the department stays from them

around March, municipal corporation officers issue notices for collection of
taxes. They send personnel to common people for strict collection of their tax
money. But TDP leaders are not touched in spite of owing lakhs of rupees of
money. Usually a special grant is attained if more than 85% of the taxes are
collected in a financial year. Still the municipal corporation is choosing to
ignore these ‘big’ leaders.

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