TDP to Lose in Kakinada Miserably

The TDP has fielded  its candidates in the municipal wards allotted to its political partner BJP in the Kakinada municipal corporation elections.  As part of the agreement,  BJP was allotted nine wards to contest in the election. But the TDP candidates filed nominations in the wards allotted to saffron  party also. 

As the TDP candidates did not withdraw nominations on the last date, the BJP leaders expressed their anger and decided not to support the TDP candidates in other wards. 

On the  other side, Kapu voters in the municipal corporation were strongly  opposing TDP as the ruling party cheated their community by not according BC status to the the particular community.  Kapu leaders said Chandrababu Naidu suppressed the  movement launched by Mudragada Padmanabham for their movement.  

Under these circumstances, leaders said the winning prospects of  TDP in the municipal elections  are remote as people also not happy with the TDP government.
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