TDP Leaders Promote Hatred On Caste Lines In AP

The ruling TDP leaders in Andhra Pradesh are desperate to create enmity between people on caste lines. The fresh episode of controversial comments made by TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar against SC community drew strong criticism from all sections in the state.  Leaders said his comments are   an attempt to divide the people on the basis of caste and exploit the situation for political gains.  

The entire political fraternity strongly condemned  the TDP MLAs arrogant attitude towards other communities.The dalit associations already demanded unconditional apology or face the consequences.  

The joining of a local leader Damodar Naidu and his family, hailed from Mangalipattu village of Chittoor district,  in YSR Congress Party was  also projected as a big caste issue. The community leaders who backed TDP threatened Naidu who maintained that he joined YSR Congress as he was the big beneficiary of free power and loan waiver during YSR regime.  They also warned Naidu of boycotting from the community if he did not return TDP.  He was also fined Rs 4,000 for joining YCP.  

Unable to bear the harassment from his own community leaders,  Naidu and his wife lodged a complaint with Chandragiri police requesting to take action against those who boycotted them from the village.  

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