Chittoor: A lot of questions have been coming up in case pertaining to Chittoor Mayor Katari Anuradha and husband Mohan's Murder. Though the exact reason behind the killing is not known, speculations are rife that top TDP leaders are involved in the murder. It is believed that power is one of the reasons behind the killings. Many in the political circles also believe that some party insiders are involved in the foul-play due personal rivalry with the mayor’s husband Mohan.
It is said that Anuradha’s husband Mohan’s colleagues could not tolerate his rise in the party ranks. Also, his wife’s election as the mayor added fuel to the fire. According to sources, a party MLA and three other party leaders were completely against Mohan as both he and his wife were only working for the welfare and growth of their family. The news of Mohan being a strong contender for the next elections was also not received well in his rival camps.
Mohan’s nephew Chandra Shekar alias Chintu, who left his job in order to support his uncle,had gone completely against him due to some clashes. However, the differences between them were said to have been created by the leaders from the opposition camps.
Police investigations in the case have already started and people close to the family are being questioned. The police are looking into details of the family members to check if there are any possibilities of anyone from the family helping Chintu in committing the crime.

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