TDP Govt on a massive deletion spree from voters list

With elections just a year-and-a-half away, Chandrababu Naidu and his Telugu Desam are on an overdrive to delete the names of YSRCP supporters. This is happening on a large scale across the state and more so in YS Jagan’s citadel of Kadapa district. The officialdom too is acting in cahoots with the ruling TDP.

The election commission in the state has deleted over 14 lakh votes claiming that the voters have left for other places. These names have been removed in just one year and this is unprecedented, say political observers. An estimated 15000 names have been deleted in each constituency. Given the fact that the difference between the winning TDP and the YSRCP was a mere 5 lakh votes in 2014, these deletions are very significant.

Shockingly a record 3,20,539 names have been removed in Kadapa district, where YS Jagan holds the sway over the people. This appears to be a clear attempt to alter the demography of the district so that YS Jagan will have tough time in the home district itself.

The Government and the officials are saying that those who have emigrated would be deleted from the rolls. But, this appears to be a planned attempt to change the voter profile in places where the YSRCP is strong. All these are being done to ensure that the TDP will have a facile win in the 2019 elections.
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