Is the TDP Government concerned about youth welfare?

Youth is the biggest strength of any society. They are innovators. They pioneer and drive the society. They spearhead change. Every Government worth its salt works to ensure youth welfare. It focuses on the realization of their full potential.
But, Chandrababu Government is completely ignoring the youth. It is giving them a short-shrift. The Chandrababu Government claims that it is committed to develop the youth. But, the last three-and-a-half years have shown that the Government has done nothing for them. The number of the unemployed is growing by leaps and bounds. The Government has not done anything to create new jobs.
As a result, the youth today in Andhra Pradesh are restive. Even the schemes aimed at equipping the youth and building confidence were completely failed. As per the Government records over 8.88 lakh unemployed have registered their names with the employment exchange. But the surveys say the number could be anything between 33.70 lakh. But, nothing is being done to improve their employability and job skills. According to some estimates, there are over 10 lakh state and Central job vacancies in the state. If the Government is truly committed, it should immediately come out with a youth policy and fill all these posts.
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