TDP Decides To Bluff Even After The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

  • Conspiracies to buy MLAs
  • Lies about increase in the number
    of constituencies
  • Centre’s clarification that reorganisation
    shall not happen till 2026

Hyderabad: Chandraabu’s
Government is plotting many conspiracies to keep on buying opposition MLAs. It
is spreading untrue news that reorganisation of constituencies would soon
happen, giving way to 50 more constituencies in the state. It is continuing to
bluff in spite of the centre’s declaring that there was no intention of
reorganisation anytime soon.

Real situation

Constituencies were reorganised in 2006 basing
on the population criterion. This classification happened according to the
census of 2001. The next classification is supposed to happen only in 2026 as
par constitutional regulation. SC, ST population also will have to be defined
in order to properly classify constituencies. Recently reservations for SC and
ST classes are being ascertained. But as per Andhra Pradesh reorganisation act,
the division of constituencies has been suggested, mentioning compliance to
constitutional regulations. This means the reorganisation has to wait till
2026. Otherwise an amendment saying ‘not concerning with constitutional
regulations’ has to be made before attempting to reorganise.

Where does the centre stand?

The central government is not favouring
constitutional amendment at this point, owing to the lack of majority for BJP
in Rajya Sabha. They will have to ask for the support of Congress in such a
case, agreeing to the conditions imposed by Congress Party. In spite of taking
such a risk, BJP will not benefit so much. Hence BJP is not planning to take
the responsibility of constitutional amendment. It has also made this point
clear in the parliament. Cabinet law minister Sadananda Gowda mentioned this in
a direct reply to the written question posed by Telugu Desam Parliamentary
Party leader Thota Narsimham.

But the bluffing continues

Still Chandrababu’s Government is trying to mask
the truth. It is bluffing that 50 new constituencies would soon be born, assuring
importance to the new joining MLAs. That is why it is trying to snatch more and
more of the opposition MLAs by spending crores of rupees of money. Ultimately,
it is sure to wave an empty hand to the new TDP leaders.

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