TDP Corporators Show Their True Face Again

Vijayawada: TDP leaders of Vijayawada, having gained experience in Call Money sex racket scam, are exhibiting their foul attitude everywhere. They have been caught misbehaving with women on their tour to other states. If it had been Vijayawada, they would have threatened the police and the women. But the place of the incident being Pune, they had to escape by pleading the police.

As per confidential information, corporators of Vijayawada were sent on educational tour, in order for them to observe the developmental activities in corporations of other states and implement them back here. In spite of the Rs.30 lakh spent on this mission, they did not learn anything.

Some TDP corporators boozed during their train journey and ill-treated the railway personnel. They also misbehaved with the woman passengers in the train. They complained against the leaders to the police. The TDP leaders tried in vain to threaten the railway police in Pune. Then they resorted to reveal their identities and could get out through recommendations on phone.

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