TDP Bogus Voters Caught in Nandyal

The ruling  TDP indulged  in  malpractices by deputing bogus voters in some polling booths in the by-election to Nandyal Assembly constituency.  The alerted Election Commission caught the bogus voters and shifted to nearby  police station.  
Around 10 bogus voters were caught at Nandamuri Nagar  police station. Another 20 members fled the scene. When they quizzed, the bogus voters said they came to the booths on the instructions of Bhuma family.  The officials seized their identify cards and confirmed that they were non locals. A vehicle was also seized. 
On the request of YSR Congress leaders,  the EC authorities conducted visits at the polling booths to identify  bogus voters. 
On the other hand, Bhuma Vikhyat Reddy, brother of Akhila Priya, caused a flutter in Mitnala village as he was seen violating model code by distributing money to the voters.
 TDP Councillor Shivashanker and his men were also involved in luring the voters in the Muslim majority wards.In another incident, Councillor Krupakar was also caught distributing money (Rs 2,000 notes) to voters in Ward No. 28.
 Chandrababu himself violated the model code of conduct by convening a press conference.

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