TDP And BJP Collectively Gaming With People

  • Chandrababu’s deception
    surfaces again
  • BJP proves to be an ally
  • Private member bill is pushed
    aside in the parliament
  • YSRCP MPs insist on sanction
    of special status

New Delhi: The collective effort of BJP and
TDP to deceive people in the matter of AP’s special status has surfaced. They
successfully pushed aside the private bill introduced in the parliament in this
regard and called it quits.

What has happened in the parliament?

As expected earlier, the private member
bill introduced in favour of sanction of special status to AP came to
discussion in the Rajya Sabha. Finance minister Arun Jaitley spoke to say that
this was a money bill and voting on it in the Rajya Sabha was not allowed. TDP
neither resisted this unjust statement nor condemned it. The party has not
tried to insist on its sanction, in spite of it being a wonder drug for the
state. Moreover, cabinet minister Sujana Chowdary, in spite of being a member
of Rajya Sabha, chose to join the team that opposed the bill. At that time, YSRCP
MP Vijay Sai Reddy protested and insisted on granting of special status,
reflecting YSRCP’s struggle for the cause. Speaking to the media later, he
remarked that TDP and BJP Governments lacked commitment towards special status.
He opined that BJP and TDP would meet the same fate as Congress when it had
lost people’s trust.

YSRCP’s relentless fight in
the parliament

YSRCP MPs showed protest in the campus
of the parliament in demand for special status. They staged a dharna near the
statue of Mahatma Gandhi, raising slogans in demand for justice. They exhibited
placards to bring their struggle to the notice of the national leaders. They reminded
how YSRCP had always been fighting for achievement of special status. They
spoke about the significance of special status in improvement of industrial and
employment sectors in the state. YSR Congress Parliamentary Party leader
Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy led the team of MPs in their agitation. They cautioned
Chandrababu that people would not forgive him if special status was not given.

The struggle shall continue 

YSRCP has announced that its struggle for special status shall
continue. It is going to continue its fight inside the parliament and outside
too. It is consolidating the pertaining action plan further. 


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