Tactful Stealing of Assigned Lands

Chandrababu with his close accomplices successfully robbed thousands of acres of assigned lands of worth lakhs of crores of rupees and devised a perfect real estate affair with farmers’ lands as expenditure. In spite of the issued capital land acquisition notification mentioning that assigned lands also would be given compensation just like patta lands, rumour was spread by TDP leaders that no compensation would be given. Meanwhile Government ordered CRDA commissioner N.Srikanth on the 12th of June for the return of the lease cheques sent to the farmers of assigned lands. Hence CRDA officials submitted the lease cheques that had to be distributed to the assigned lands’ farmers to the Government. With this excuse, the ‘no compensation’ rumour was added more strength. The leaders scared the farmers and bought each acre of the land for Rs.5 lakh to Rs.40 lakh. Later when the Government started assigned land acquisition, they gained.

Inter-Accomplice Competition

The accomplices of CM are contesting for share in the assigned land procurement. CM’s son Lokesh and minister of irrigation Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao bought assigned lands with binami names through a broker living in Mangalagiri. TDP people have approved that the two of them alone bought over 474 acres with binami names in Tullur, Tadepalli, Mangalagiri and Amaravathi mandals. Minister of agriculture Prathipati Pullarao with the name of his business partner and binami Gummadi Suresh, bought assigned lands. All the TDP leaders together competed in purchasing over 1848 acres of worth more than Rs.3234 crore.

Pure deception

It is illegal to sell and purchase assigned lands. But yellow team displayed their tact in buying those lands. After buying the lands, they took photographs and video files of their payment of 25% of the amount to the farmers. They took letters of assurance from the farmers mentioning that they had received those lands before 1954 and that they were selling them now willingly. The leaders also assured the farmers that they would pay the rest of the amount if the Government acquired those lands and if it did not, they could continue cultivation in those lands. Some of them took advantage of the registration act, bribed the concerned officials and got the lands registered. Some others got NOC from the court and finished registration.

499 registrations pertaining to the sale of 480 acres of land happened in sub-registration offices of Mangalagiri, Amaravathi, Tullur, Pedakakani and Guntur. 381 more registrations are pending for 650 more acres. Official records show that 348.46 acres of land was bought by TDP leaders. Through sale agreements 1200 more acres were procured. By threatening and luring farmers, each acre was bought at Rs.5 lakh-Rs.40 lakh and now the value rose to Rs.1.75 crore per acre. Ultimately TDP leaders could gain Rs.2775 crore from assigned lands alone.

‘Assigned’ affair of binamis

Sale and purchase of assigned lands is illegal. But binamis could accomplish buying them though their tactics. They submitted documents to registrars, they got rejected, they approached the court and attained No Objection Certificate and then they got the lands registered. In Mangalagiri alone, 505 documents were submitted among which 333 were rejected by the registrars. It is understood that 107 of these applications pertaining tolands in Rayapudi belong to an important minister in Chandrababu’s coterie.

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