Successful fight by YSCRCP

YSRCP fights on behalf of the farmers
The party is opposing the forced land acquisition
Naidu's government to withdraw

Hyderabad: The fight against the government initiated by YSRCP on behalf of farmers was successful. The Government with drew and came down by the protests done under the leadership of YSR party president, Jagan.  The government withdrew from land acquisition.

Path of fighting:
There were conspiracies left by the government to grab the lands from farmers for capital formation. Threatening, creating fear, and attacking the farmers are the variety of ways chosen by government. The yellow gangsters even burnt the crops of farmers who opposed the act. YSRCP is the only party who supported farmers. Party leaders have visited them several times to help support farmers. Repeated movements on behalf of farmers, led by YSRCP.

Peoples leader himself fought for people
Leader of the Opposition, YS Jagan himself fought on behalf of farmers. He visited the capital formation area and assured farmers. Jagan protested against the government, in the main town of the capital, Mangalagiri. In the two days Samar Deekhsa, tens of thousands of farmers attended and supported the protests. As Naidu's government is adamant to get the land acquisition notification YSRCP movement has intensified. YS Jagan himself carried out protests in Vijayawada, on 26th day before yesterday.

Government could not find its way to escape
As the fighting intensified due to YS Jagan, there was high pressure by the people on the government. The government is suffocated by the three days of Assembly meetings, as well as bombarded on issuing the land acquisition notification against law. The government finally dropped back thinking it would be too difficult to cope with all the questions by YS Jagan. It moved towards Land mobilization instead of land acquisition.
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