Special status is not guaranteed!

New Delhi: There is a serious ongoing debate over how severely the concept of special status for Andhra Pradesh is promised. There is still a doubt if it is there or not. While there is no guarantee of sight from the Centre, it should be noted that the senior Central government heads have ruled out the possibility about the Special status.

Special status was initiated this way

The UPA Government under the Congress guidance decided to split Andhra Pradesh. It is to be remembered that, for that, the way the process adopted in the Parliament was undemocratic. The bill was passed by suspension of live broadcasts while closing the doors of Lok Sabha.

Replying to the debate on this issue in the Rajya Sabha the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ... stated that due to the bifurcation of the State, Andhra Pradesh will be badly affected economically, so special status will be given and guaranteed for five years. Based on this decision, the senior BJP leaders and Union Ministers, who were in opposition in that period, Venkaiah Naidu and Arun Jaitley requested to prolong the special status for ten years. As this decision is made by the Prime Minister, considering the venue as Parliament it was assumed to be approved. 

Cunningness of Naidu

Chandrababu Naidu is good at making each thing in favor, so, he wanted to take even this as an opportunity in favor. During election campaign, he made promises  that special status for Andhra Pradesh, is only possible by TDP. After coming to power and after the election, he left the main promises. He left this point, as two Minister posts were possible for TDP and the party also could grab few contracts. He remained silent due to a fear that, if he raised his voice, the Centre may concentrate on the cash for vote case and again he has to face the tough situations. He could manage advertising about his false struggle via yellow media as there were huge fights, protests and debates on the special status of the State. 

YSRCP in the path of fighting

In the case of the public interest, the only party which is keen in fighting on behalf of people from beginning is the YSR Congress Party. The party has been fighting for the special status at different stages. The party president, YS Jagan, met Narendra Modi before he took over the Prime Minister position and spoke to him and submitted a requisition document, about the importance and necessity of Special status for Andhra Pradesh. Further, as a next step, he also met the Central Ministers of Delhi and pressurized about the special status. YS Jagan carried out the strike considering the Major factor for fight as Special Status for Andhra Pradesh, in Mangalagiri. In addition to giving notice to the party's MPs in Parliament and protesting against the leaders at the national level he wanted to try and say about the importance of Special status and its necessity.

* YS Jagan protest in New Delhi

  YSRCP President, Jagan and other leaders of the party, organized protests in New Delhi. Thousands of leaders and key activists went in two trains to that place. The participants involve the MPs, MLAs, MLC, key leaders and coordinators of constituencies. To make the top leaders of Delhi notice the importance of Special status, YS Jagan carried the struggle forward.

Disturbance in TDP

The TDP members began to worry, due to the fight taken forward by the Leader of Opposition, YS Jagan. So, the party MPs met the Central ministers on this matter. It seems that is conveyed by the Central ministers, that the special status for Andhra Pradesh would be difficult in the present conditions. There is a information about the special package possibility. The TDP leaders have shown interest about the special package and funding is what is heard and discussed in Delhi for now. The opinion of TDP is revealed that they are interested to get packages and not concerned about the special status.

As the ruling TDP is in favor of packages, the Central government is taking its decisions quickly is heard. There is more scope for maintaining the packages instead of giving special status. The views are expressed in this angle by Centre.
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