A Sigh Of Relief For The Accused

Eluru: Government’s whip and CM Chandrababu
Naidu’s close ally Chintamaneni Prabhakar has shown his caliber to the police.
He has broken his own record in abusing the Government employees and
threatening them.

Though West Godavari District has two
ministers, their hold on the district’s administration is little. But MLA of
Denduluru Chintamaneni had made his mark. Earlier, Chintamaneni has committed attacks
on Government employees on various occasions. Dragging woman Tahsildar
Vanajakshi in sand and physically attacking her became a controversial incident
in the state. Chandrababu Naidu not only backed him in this incident but also
performed settlement in his camp office. With this, the Government’s framework
could totally understand the support he had from the CM. People in the
Government stayed at a safe distance from Chintamaneni since then. Later, he
chased away forest officers to attain route into his fields.

Recently, the police of Eluru’s 3-town took
into control a gang that was involved in decoying people with girls for lakhs
of rupees of money. Chintamaneni directly interfered in this to protect a
lawyer and an accused woman. He put pressure on the police of 3-town police station
to release the duo. The officers were scared by the nature of Chintamaneni. The
accused sighed in relief with his intervention.

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