Shocking! Chandrababu Spends Public Money For 7 Residences

It is surprising and  also a shock  to all Andhra people.  Chandrababu Naidu was spending crores of public money for  residences to lead his family members luxurious life in Andhra Pradesh as well as in Telangana state also.

He already constructed a palatial house cum bungalow at Amaravati. A guest house in Vijayawada and Lingamaneni residence in Guntur were added in the list of official residences in Andhra.  

In addition, the AP government was incurring expenditure  for the maintenance of CM houses at Jubilee Hills,  Banjara Hills, farm house at Sherlingampally and special suit in a star hotel in Hyderabad. 

Chandrababu Naidu’s new house in Hyderabad has many secret chambers and is built with a huge amount of public money though he asked the employees to move in a tearing hurry after the cash for vote case.

His Jubilee Hills houses was refurnished, repairs were carried out at Lakeview Guest House, Serilingampalli farm house, two suites at a star hotel, Lingamaneni river front house in Vijayawada, camp office at Velagapudi and the new house at Jubilee Hills and all the works were carried out with public money while not  a single house was built for weaker sections.
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