The Secret Behind Chandrababu’s Trips Abroad

  • To hide the loot
  • To protect
    the secret about the loot
  • That
    explains the yellow media’s silence

Hyderabad: The sudden trip of CM Chandrababu
Naidu abroad has become a topic of discussion. Earlier, the yellow media used
to blabber a lot whenever Chandrababu flew abroad. But now it chose to stay
silent. Here is the real reason that saw light just a little late.

It is
heard that Chandrababu’s foreign trips are all about money transactions. In
light of recent Panama Papers’ controversy and news about Wikileaks papers
reaching the centre, Chandrababu’s name is rumoured to be one of the names on
the top of the list. It has been reported that Rs.1,65,000 crore of Chandrababu’s
money is in the Swiss bank. A leader at the centre has apparently carried the
news to Babu, thus alerting him.

he has suddenly planned a trip overseas. He has first travelled to Thailand and
it is heard that he has secretly flown to Switzerland from there, thus avoiding
the attention he would have caught if he had flown to Switzerland directly. He
is said to be planning to manage his accounts in such a way that his name would
not bear as much money as before. Seemingly, benami accounts are going to come
to existence at the end of this trip.

It is noteworthy that he has instructed
the TDP leaders before he left not to criticize or talk against BJP.
Apparently, Babu is scared of possible exposure of Wikileaks papers if the
centre was angered. It is also understandable why the yellow media also has
chosen to stay silent about this trip.

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