Schemes Satisfying Only Babu's Hunger For Publicity But Not People's Needs

  • Schemes benefiting only yellow leaders
  • Welfare not reaching the poor
  • People disgusted by Babu's rule
The welfare schemes of the Government are being confined to publicity but not to implementation. The action plan being followed is benefiting yellow party activists and not general people. TDP Government brought a GO cancelling belt shops, but the party's leaders set up belt shops everywhere ignoring the GO, much to the indifference of the excise department. This shows what kind of respect the yellow leaders have for their chief.

During election campaign, Chandrababu announced loan waiver at a stretch. Keeping farmers under his control for 5 years, he took up waiver of loans of farmers and DWCRA women in phases, citing deficit budget as a reason. The money paid by Chandrababu did not even answer the interest on loans, bringing resistance and disgust from the farmers and the women.

NTR Aarogyasree cards are out of reach for many. The responsibility of their dealership has been given to party activists, ultimately benefiting the people of their choice and not general public.

NTR housing scheme has gone out of reach of the poor. Due to the intervention of Janmabhoomi Committees, houses have been sanctioned to nobody except party activists. The intervention of dealers in the sanction of ration cards has kept the eligible out of its reach. The e-pass machines brought to prevent irregularities in sanction of ration have given trouble to the people. Commodities could be diverted with VRO's fingerprints.

Party leaders are earning lakhs of rupees by selling sand from lakes through Neeru-Chettu and Neeru-Meeru schemes, added by the support of Janmabhoomi Committees and presenting duplicated bills for reimbursement. Vanam-Manam programme initiated with pomp has been watered down due to lack of water. Crores of rupees have been spent but plants have survived only tens in number as there was no water to nurture them. Lack of tree guards offered most of the plants to cattle.

Other Government schemes like NTR Bharosa, Anna canteens, Aarogyasree and NTR Jalasiri also are going on with hardly any commitment in implementation. Compensation and input subsidy for crops destroyed due to drought and lack of rainfall have nit been offered properly. The funds allocated for drought mandals have not reached people.

Chandranna Christmas, Sankranthi Kanukalu, Ramzan Thofa, Chandranna Bata, Chandranna Sanchara Vaidyam, Chandranna Bima, Chandranna Arogya Raksha, Chandranna Kshetra Pradarsana, Chandranna Pasupu-Kumkuma.. all the schemes seem to be satisfying Chandranna's hunger for publicity instead of the needs of people.
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